jeudi 10 mai 2012

Le dernier "Paumes"

J'ai eu le plaisir de découvrir hier
 le tout dernier "Paumes"
-Paris Déco Ideas-
Un nouveau format,
 et surtout une vraie source d'inspiration.
Des idées à chaque page...
Bravo !bravo!
Yesterday I had the pleasure to discover the new book from "Paumes"
- Paris Déco Ideas-
A new size, and especially a real source of inspiration.
Ideas on each page... Bravo! Bravo!

4 commentaires:

Drink More Tea a dit…

Well done to you!
I'm sure this one will be inspiring as all the Paumes books are.

gina a dit…

Wonderful! Can't wait to see
this in person.

Parisbreakfasts a dit…

I LURVE the Paumes series!!
must look for this at Kinakuyia NYC
why are the best bks on Paris in Japanese?

Kado Hiromi a dit…

I have got this book:-).
Sooooooo cute your house is♥!

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