vendredi 16 mars 2012


Les autres morceaux sont en construction.
Bon Weekend !
Other pieces are under construction.
 Good Weekend!

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pintatelotu a dit…

Bon week-end organique!

madametatoum a dit…

J'adore ! C'est vraiment très beau. Bravo.

Kristel a dit…

Fan des poumons!
Non, en fait, j'aime tout! De l'oeil au pied.

Mette Kærlig Hilsen a dit…

love the lungs!

Chad Garçon a dit…


misako mimoko a dit…

Lili!!!!! this is AMAZING, love-love-love it all :D
can't wait to see the all the pieces together.

you're brilliant ;)
bon week-end!

Mendruga a dit…

I love it! it's a long time since I hadn't seen something so beautiful

julie a dit…

c'est canon fred
on dirait des ex-votos napolitains
luv it

polkaros a dit…

Hi Lili Scratchy!
Love your new works!
I visited your exhibition in Tokyo and it was amazing!!! The gallery let me take some pictures and I posted them on my blog here: What a great show! I bought your book too:)
Have a nice weekend!

gina a dit…

Eva took the words
right out of my mouth!

The colors, shapes,
concept, and execution...

Sarah a dit…

these are just AMAZING!
i love them. very clever...

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