jeudi 1 mars 2012

Madame Spoon

Une des nouvelles cuillères
 qui sont dans mon four.
One of the new spoons which are in my kiln.

4 commentaires:

ros a dit…

Hi Lili!

Thank you for your reply!
Hope you will come to Tokyo next time!
It snowed yesterday but it has all melted now!

Oh it's so nice to have a kiln at home! Yes, I work on ceramics too and it's my favorite things to do! I hope to get my own kiln soon!

Can't wait to see your works at Doux Dimanche!!

All the best,

Santy a dit…

I Love it! This spoon is beautiful

marion a dit…

olala le coup de coeur !

suprlipopette a dit…

charmante lady !

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