vendredi 28 octobre 2011


photo Christophe Boulze

Mon "Perroquet Arlequin" est resté à Nantes...
Je crois que c'est ma pièce préférée, il a une plume dorée 
sur le poitrail, mais on ne le voit pas sur la photo.
My "Parrot Harlequin" is living in Nantes  now...
I think it's my favorite piece, it has a golden plume
on the chest, but you can't see in the picture.

4 commentaires:

Jill Wignall a dit…

I love it! It's wonderful!

Lumii a dit…

Super photo!!!
Moi, ce que j'aimerai tellement ce que tu faces un jour un stage céramique!!

yumiko froehlich a dit…

Wa !! hahaha --- !! NICE !!

misako mimoko a dit…

Yeah! Lili I think it's one of my favorite too.
I saw it when you posted few weeks ago, and I loved it!!

You're working non stop, making brilliant new pieces!! I'm in love with your kuriminis and your teeth too.
So clever and cute!
Yay! I think I need a lovely tooth and a talisman for my home ;)
a big hug to you and your sweet family!!!

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