samedi 9 avril 2011


(Photos Hugues Reboul)

Changement de décor... Vive les vacances!!! Change of decor ...
Gimme a Break!

4 commentaires:

o l y a dit…

we wanna go vacation too !!!!!!!
wanna to go to kyoto :)

happy vacation, dear scratchy family !


teddybearswednesday a dit…

( hope you get your break :)

Drink More Tea a dit…

Imagine someones surprise at finding this on the beach! So very cute and funny.

misako mimoko a dit…

we need some vacation too!!
love the red dotted mask :)

i'm preparing pizza, we're very very excited, waiting to watch the football match!! barça-madrid!!
wish you all a wonderfull easter!!! :D
bises ;)

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