lundi 7 février 2011

Anja Mulder

Anja Mulder est une photographe-illustratrice Hollandaise.
J'aime énormément son travail,j'ai reçu un paquet
surprise avec pleins de trésors!
Photos, cartes postales et gri-gris porte-bohneur.
Merci encore Anja...
Anja Mulder is a photographer-illustrator of the Netherlands.
I absolutely love her work, I received a packet
full of surprises and treasures!
Photos, postcards and good luck things.
Anja!! thank you again ...

6 commentaires:

La Rimule a dit…

Tu en as de la chance ! Bonne semaine !

misako mimoko a dit…

wow. lovely works and gifts.
thanks for the link Lili!
bonne semaine!!!!!

(maybe you could come to barcelona for the show opening... it's so warm and sunny here... hehe
you need some fun and spring time ,)

Vanessa Samp a dit…

i love seeing the little packages that people get all the time and yours is extraordinarily awesome. such cool things! thanks.

Meyer-Lavigne a dit…

What a nice gift Lili. Lucky you!!

Simone a dit…

yes it's beautiful! I love HER work also!
Have a good weekend!

lili scratchy a dit…

Thank you Simone...
My english is a pity...!!!!
good weekend for you too! ;)

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