mercredi 1 décembre 2010


Petit rappel pour ceux qui auraient oublié...
Demain soir c'est notre vernissage à la galerie Voskel,
5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris
Vous y trouverez nos T-shirt, 2 modèles "Choux-Scratchy"
dessinés spécialement pour l'exposition!
Quick reminder for those who forgot ...
Tomorrow night is our opening at the gallery Voskel,
5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud 75011 Paris
You will find our t-shirt, 2 models "
designed specifically for the show!

10 commentaires:

Meyer-Lavigne a dit…

lots of good luck from us!!!!!! Cool t-shirts.

o l y a dit…

wish i can be there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but so many things going on for us right now, i'm still in shock, but i will try to calm down and write you a long mail soon !

dear magical lili, i wish you lots of happy lots of fun and lots of good time for the new exhibition !!!!!!!!!!!


misako mimoko a dit…

lovely pics and t-shirts ;)
wish we we could be there tomorrow too!!
hope you have a great time and sell all the pieces!!!!!!

bisses from Barcelona ♥♥

misako mimoko a dit…

yeah!! I heard the news! Most France is covered of snow, I thought of you there!! :)
kids are going to be happy!! (and maybe you too ;))
big kisses from Gabriel and me to all your lovely family!!

(did you enjoy Barça-Madrid match?? was so mazing-incredible-happy night!!

malu a dit…

Good luck!
Great t-shirts:o)
I saw on the news,that France is whiter than Norway.I love snow.
Its so beautiful and peaceful:o)

chacha a dit…

Comme on aurait voulu venir ! les tee-shirt sont canons !

Lisa a dit…

Je vais affronter le froid et la neige pour venir admirer vos belles céramiques!

mel a dit…

Yeah !

la casita a dit…

Oh fun...I wish I could be there too.

Ballesteros a dit…

Very nice! Everytime I come to your blog I find something beautiful.

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