samedi 12 juin 2010

japanese lesson

Mogu est ma professeur de japonais!
Mogu is my japanese's teacher!

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waii_waii a dit…

merci Lili, et je te renvoie le compliment, j'adore ton univers et la façon dont tu dessines :)

Meyer-Lavigne a dit…

Good sunday for you too...and yes the girls had the best time.

amba a dit…

is that how you say it?

Cookie Cutter a dit…

ureshii is me whenever I look at your work! Kwaii!

lili scratchy a dit…

Kon nichi wa (Hello!) everybody!!
and ari gato !!! ;)

Mogu Takahashi a dit…

Watashi Daisuki read your Japanese!
Watashitachi (we) Tomodachi!

lili scratchy a dit…

watashi daisuki totemo my japanese teacher!!

misako mimoko a dit…

Kon nichi wa Lili!!
hahaha!! Watashi Daisuki ton dessin!
These are new!! Tomodachi=friend

uff!! you learn really fast! :D

yumiko froehlich a dit…

Ton dessin est "Wakuwaku suru"!

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