mardi 29 juin 2010


Un empilage risqué.
Ils accompagnaient mes touillettes
lors de ma dernière cuisson.
Un peu de nouveauté dans mes placards!
Risky stacking .
They were with my "touillettes"
during my last firing.
A bit of novelty in my kitchen!

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ameskeria a dit…


pammalu a dit…

did you make these?!
so adorable!
love the risky stacking!!!!

arrosoir a dit…

c'est risqué mais c'est si gai empilé ! ils doivent être jolis les intérieurs de tes placards de cuisine !

suprlipopette a dit…

on rigole bien dans tes placards !

Sathya a dit…

oh great they are so funny and adorable!

Mila a dit…

i absolutely ADORE your work!
i am definitely going to post about it some day soon...


hiki a dit…

Hello again!
I was so stunned to find out that you were an uguisu customer!!!!! And you are one of my very best customers too! (I recognised you from the city you show in your profile! wow!)
This is such a nice find, I always knew about you and your wonderful works! I am so happy :)


barbara a dit…

Trop drôles ces nez de clowns !

Emil und die großen Schwestern a dit…

so happy blog! lovely images, fantastic ideas..... soon, éva

Cookie Cutter a dit…

Haha, i think they are balancing just fine! Too kawaii!

Jen a dit…

Did you make those? They are very cute and you are very talented.

Anonyme a dit…

Thank you for coming to look. :)
I like your picture very much♪

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