mercredi 19 mai 2010

"Si o No"

1ère version..
First one,

Je viens de finir mon image pour le projet
"Si o No" de Slow.J'avais un peu la pression car
Misako Mimoko a fait une superbe image
ainsi que Mogu qui m'a montré la sienne en
I just finished my image for the project
"Si o No" de Slow.I was a little bit anxious because
Misako Mimoko made a so beautiful image, like
Mogu who showed me hers in

6 commentaires:

Kristine a dit…

I love it! I have silently admired your work for quite some time now. Your art, and the artwork of your children, brightens my day!!

lili scratchy a dit…

Nice to meet you!!!
thank you so much for your visits...

millo a dit…

I have send you an email :-)

misako mimoko a dit…

eehhh!!! lili!! hahaha!!
love it! :D
so good! it's just great!! BRAVO!!
with little coloured balls ;), hehe
Merci ♥

it's fantastic, Mogu, you and me joining the same project.
so funny!!
Have a wonderful day and weekend!!

Mogu Takahashi a dit…

Indeed! We are in same project together!! And I am friend with you2, my favorite artist!! sweet! : )

arrosoir a dit…

un chouette projet !

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