dimanche 7 février 2010

Mister Nuts

Je vous présente "Mister Nuts"!ou "Mister Acorn"!
I'm introduce you "Mister Nuts"!or "Mister Acorn"!
in English it looks like what? an acorn ?

6 commentaires:

Kickcan and Conkers a dit…

Oui, looks like an acorn to me :)

o l y a dit…

lili lili,

merci beaucoup for your sweet and nice notes on my blog, they make me so happy :)

axel and i are supa busy cleaning up the apartment, and i'm starting to worry if i can manage to put all the things i found and bought during the two months in paris all in the luggage ! i need some magic power !

i wish you and your lovely family are all well and happy healthy, and and let's keep in touch !


la casita a dit…

Yep an acorn...I agree ^-^

lili scratchy a dit…

So Ok for an acorn!!
thank you very much!!:)

i♥sisterbrandt a dit…

· { its so wonderful, looking forward to get some from your shop xxoo from Sabine } ·

isacile a dit…

J'adore l'espèce de chenil sur lequel il est posé!!ce sont des recherches dans ton carnet?

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