mercredi 27 mai 2009

Si vous voulez savoir ou à atterri le "Super Dolo Moustache"
de Misako Mimoko...chez moi!!!je l'adore.
Et encore merci à Fine little day!
If you were interested to know where
Super Dolo Moustache found!!
thanks to Fine little day!

3 commentaires:

misako mimoko a dit…

hip! hip! hourra! :D
il me semble qu'il est très très heureux d'être chez toi et tout bien accompagné :)
c'est une bonne troupe!
Merci pour cette photo Lili ;)

Sweet Strawberry Fields a dit…

thanks lili for visiting!! it is great to hear feedback. i will check back regularly at your place too...... ;)
by the way: your kids have wonderful names! (found them in your profile;) )

little t jane a dit…

ha ha! so funny! fantastic to see sweet, cute Super Dolo Moustache went to a wonderful home!!! :D Misako Mimoko is a huge favorite artist of mine. i absolutely adore your work, too- sooo awesome. amazing ceramics and little lovelies. your illustrations are just outstanding and make me so happy. thank you for the inspiration and all you do. much good cheer & all good wishes!

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