mercredi 17 août 2011

Misako Mimoko

Aujourd'hui j'ai reçu ma commande de
avec plein de bonus...
Merci Eva! et tes "Friendly Ghost"
sont encore plus beaux en vrai.
Today I received my order
Misako Mimoko
with lots of bonus ...
Thank you Eva! and your "Friendly Ghost"
are more beautiful in real life (yes, it's possible !!).

4 commentaires:

Meyer-Lavigne a dit…

Lucky you. She really makes such wondeful things.

Kim Baise a dit…

so sweet!

misako mimoko a dit…

Bonjour Lili!! :D
we've just arrived from a short holiday in the forest!! what a great surprise to know that you just get your friendly ghosts ;)

Thank you so much your lovely words about it, I'm so happy you like them!!!!
Hope you have a wonderful week, my lovely friend!! ;)
bisous!! :D

Mr. Spoqui a dit…


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