jeudi 17 février 2011


J'adore entamer des nouveaux carnets.
Bonne journée!
(ma boutique est à nouveau ouverte)
I love to start new notebooks.
Have a Good day!

(my shop is open)

3 commentaires:

christine a dit…

Moi j'adore aussi refaire mes stocks et rever sur tous ceux qu'ils vont abriter ...

misako mimoko a dit…

bravo Lili!!
happy to now your shop is open again, people is asking me where can they buy the rabbit i posted about ;)
so now they can buy some of your amazing creations!! bravo!!
hehe, these two girls are having fun!

bon weekend!!

By the Bluegrass a dit…

Oooh, I adore your little drawings! They are so cute and sweet! And they are very animated too.

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